01 December 2008

A few of my favorite things.

Glass jars filled with white lights.

Red carnation in little jars. One of my favorite things.

Making the house smell yummy.

My "Tis the Season" banner.

My Snow Guys!

Some of my favorite things are
1. Scented candles. Nothing creates a warm and cozy feel in a house than a yummy smelling candle. During the Christmas season I like to have Baked Apple, Holiday Wreath, Cinnamon Roll or anything that smells like the holidays!
2. Lots of decorations. The ones I love the most, are the ones the kids bring home from school. Kids find the Christmas season so magical, it will always rub off onto me.
3. Christmas treats. There is no denying it we all gain wait during the holidays. I think it is sacrilegious to deny ourselves the treats the holidays bring!
4. The music. It seems to be on at our house 24/7. It puts us all in a better mood, and we find ourselves being kinder to one another.
Take a minute to think of some of your favorite things for the holiday season!


Kevin said...

I'm happy you’re feeling good Sis. Your right, the Holiday smells and decorations sure lift the spirit. Lois as been busy with Christmas decorations through out the house, which signals It’s time for me and the lights on the outside of the house. She started off the Holiday season with a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and Great Pie’s. Say hello to all. Love you. Kevin

Anonymous said...

Hi little Em.
Loved your pictures and comments about Christmas. Is it funny or what that a lot of your favorite things are also my favorite things.
I am glad that those traditions are important to you, and they will also be important to your children. Love you so much!!!