07 December 2008

Rio Rancho Christmas Lights Parade

Policeman with their horses.

Hot air balloon basket throwing flames.

Troy spotted the kids and got overly excited!

Olivia was being silly waiting for the parade to start.

Last night, the City of Rio Rancho had their parade of lights. Troop 714 had a float in the parade. Troy made a sign for the truck and they put Christmas lights all over the truck. Right before they started the fuses in the truck blew out and the lights didn't work. So there they were in the parade of lights, without any lights. I had to laugh. Logan and Troy still showed a lot of enthusiasm for the parade. Anna, Ella, Soren and Olivia all got excited over seeing the neat floats. They especially liked the ones with the horses. One float had baskets from hot air balloons and they were burning the gas. The flames were huge. Soren loved that one. The kids all had a great time, I got very weary and Logan froze. Turned out to be a great night.

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