09 October 2011

A New Mexico Fall.

Troy and I went on a little drive yesterday to regain a little of our sanity. He headed toward Corrales, just a few miles down the road. The farmers market was going on, so we stopped on by.
One of my favorite things about New Mexico is their chilies. There is nothing in the world like the site of all of them strung up like this.
OK, so I'm being a little bit dramatic.
On top of the beauty of the chilies is the smell.
Roasting green chile's has got to be in the top 10 best smells in the world.
Number 1 being babies smothered in baby lotion.
It seems everywhere you go it smells like roasting green chilies. All the stores have big roasters out in front of the store roasting the chilies.
To die for!
And then there is the taste.

Orange is my favorite color. Pumpkin orange. Yes, Autumn is gorgeous here in New Mexico. A different kind of beauty.
The log fences on the road side. They remind me of the early settlers here in New Mexico. It's nice to see them still around. Hmm, I wonder if these would keep Izzie in the yard. Maybe if they're about 15 feet.
Thanks to my wonderful Husband who took me out on a little drive because he knew I was loosing it. It just takes the little things to calm me down. Seeing pumpkins and chilies.