30 May 2009

Don't let the dinosaurs get us.

My Diva's Olivia and Ella.

The turtles at the Nature Center.

Blake with the "Blakes" sign. How fun it that?

Watch out Anna!

Can you tell how unhappy our little boy was?

Grandpa Dunow, Troy, Logan, Grandma Dunow, Soren, Ella, Anna, Blake, Autumn and Olivia.

There was a lady there letting the kids pet a snake. Olivia was so in love with it she was all but hugging it. I was waiting out in the hallway while my BRAVE, STRONG, and FIERCE husband Troy took the picture.

Today we went to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History. It was a fun experience because Autumn and Blake had never seen any dinosaur bones. Before the museum we went to the Rio Grande Nature Center to see the turtles. Blake is crazy for turtles. Then for lunch we ate at Blakes. Needless to say it was a hit with Blake. Soren is still sick so he didn't have a lot of fun and I felt bad for the little guy. He was happy to get back home.

28 May 2009

Home made fun.

That was awesome!

Anna being a chicken.

Autumn giving it a try.

Blake and Soren in crash mode.

Olivia would not walk through herself, so big sister Ella took her on a ride.

The kids were hot and bored so I came up with a home made slip and slide. Some black plastic from the garden shed and a sprinkler and the kids are happy! I opened the back gate to the park and set up the plastic so the kids had more room to run.

27 May 2009

Coronado State Monument

Back to front. Logan, Anna, Ella, Soren, Blake, Autumn, and Diva Miss Muffet.

Along the trail there are pieces of broken pottery and arrow heads. It is really quite remarkable to think about how these things have been around.

The Rio Grande River.

Some of the ruins.

Grandma and Grandpa Dunow.

Ella and Soren poking out of an earth dwelling.

Logan wearing and holding Spanish armour and sword.

Soren having his turn holding the sword. It was really heavy!

The Dunow Grandparents and two of the Dunow cousins came for a visit to New Mexico. Blake and Autumn are 7 and 8 years old and get along with the kids great. They have played non-stop, most of it outside. On Memorial Day we took an outing to the Coronado State Monument, which is not very far from our house. It only takes about 20 minutes to get there. It is really exciting to think that there is so much history right in our backyards, so to speak. Blake and Autumn have not seen a lot of the Southwest, so this was really fascinating for them.

19 May 2009

Look what I got Mom!

Olivia with her pink cheeks and certificate.

Naomi, Olivia, Emma, Carly and Aiden.
The kids who participated in this years preschool. Olivia only went the second half on the year because of her illness. As you can tell she is all better!

Singing a song for everyone.

17 May 2009

Logan's Eagle Project.

We had pizza for the volunteers after the project was finished.

Logan had his Eagle project on May 9th. It was to remove some old unused lockers from Lincoln Middle School. He worked with Mr. Makfske from school. It saved the school some money and time. A lot of people from the Young Marines, Boy Scouts and from church showed up. Troy and I as parents are very proud of him for all the planning and preparing he did. It helps us get through all the times he is being a very teenage boy, to know he did this.

09 May 2009

Mothers Day Tea.

Can you just imagine him in 10 years with the girls?

They were trying to make an X out of the flowers. Boys!

Mrs. Remiker and Mrs. Livingston

Me and my boy.

I don't know why he kept doing the peace sign. He was acting so goofy.

Soren and his teacher who he thinks is soooo beautiful! We think so too.

The Kindergarten classes put on a Mothers Day Tea for their Mothers. Some kids had their grandmas there or an aunt or just a friend. The kids prepare for this by learning a special song, art work and a present for Mom. Soren told me his teacher was trying to make him a gentleman. That was hilarious. She must have been trying really hard! As we came into the room Soren handed me a flower and escorted me to my seat. Then they serve us food and drink. It is all very cute. The amount of work that Mrs. Remiker and Mrs. Livingston put into this whole thing is amazing. They have both been so good for Soren. Of course when I showed up he started to show off and act up. I think it so unfair that kids always behave better for others that for their parents. It was fun just to look around at the kids and see how proud they were of their accomplishments. Bravo kids!