30 May 2009

Don't let the dinosaurs get us.

My Diva's Olivia and Ella.

The turtles at the Nature Center.

Blake with the "Blakes" sign. How fun it that?

Watch out Anna!

Can you tell how unhappy our little boy was?

Grandpa Dunow, Troy, Logan, Grandma Dunow, Soren, Ella, Anna, Blake, Autumn and Olivia.

There was a lady there letting the kids pet a snake. Olivia was so in love with it she was all but hugging it. I was waiting out in the hallway while my BRAVE, STRONG, and FIERCE husband Troy took the picture.

Today we went to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History. It was a fun experience because Autumn and Blake had never seen any dinosaur bones. Before the museum we went to the Rio Grande Nature Center to see the turtles. Blake is crazy for turtles. Then for lunch we ate at Blakes. Needless to say it was a hit with Blake. Soren is still sick so he didn't have a lot of fun and I felt bad for the little guy. He was happy to get back home.

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