09 May 2009

Mothers Day Tea.

Can you just imagine him in 10 years with the girls?

They were trying to make an X out of the flowers. Boys!

Mrs. Remiker and Mrs. Livingston

Me and my boy.

I don't know why he kept doing the peace sign. He was acting so goofy.

Soren and his teacher who he thinks is soooo beautiful! We think so too.

The Kindergarten classes put on a Mothers Day Tea for their Mothers. Some kids had their grandmas there or an aunt or just a friend. The kids prepare for this by learning a special song, art work and a present for Mom. Soren told me his teacher was trying to make him a gentleman. That was hilarious. She must have been trying really hard! As we came into the room Soren handed me a flower and escorted me to my seat. Then they serve us food and drink. It is all very cute. The amount of work that Mrs. Remiker and Mrs. Livingston put into this whole thing is amazing. They have both been so good for Soren. Of course when I showed up he started to show off and act up. I think it so unfair that kids always behave better for others that for their parents. It was fun just to look around at the kids and see how proud they were of their accomplishments. Bravo kids!


Southwestmom05 said...

Great pictures! Soren is so sweet and cute! Thank you for the nice compliments! Glad you had fun at the Mother's Day Tea!!

The Higbee's said...

What a neat thing for them to do. He 's to cute ! I agree about them always acting better for other people it's so not fair, ha ha ! Hope you had a great Mothers Day, Take care Love Ya Kitten

Whitney Fowler said...

Hi Emily and Family!
Grandma was just showing me your family blog. That is really neat. Wow everyone is growing up! I don't even know two of the kids.. ha. How time flies. Just thought I would write to you and say "HI!" :)
I look forward to see you in June.
Hope you are all doing well!
Your niece,