17 November 2008

" I AM" By Anna Dunow

I am from, computers, TVs, instruments, pillows, tissues, blankets and laundry.

I am from, flowers, flags, trees, cars, trampolines, swing sets, tree houses,
toys all over, dirt, and gravel.

I am from going to big green parks, living in cull-de-sacks, schools, walks,
stores and hospitals.

I am from getting called "George", "holy cow", "get out of town",
"mind your own beeswax", " Come here what's your name",
"go away bad dream", and "drama queen".

I am from pumpkin pie, tamales, apple pies, chicken wings, ribs and pudding.

I am from camping, grandparent's houses, cousin's houses, Dions,
McDonalds, and Wendy's.

I am from hope chests, under my pillow, and my diaries.

I am from parents, grandparents, cousins, and Butch Cassidy.

Anna wrote this poem for Literacy night at her school. She stood up in front of half of the 5th grade class and their families and read her poem out loud. She has really come out of her shell. This poem really says a lot about our family. The reason behind the "Butch Cassidy" is because Grandma Fowler told the kids a story about him and told the kids that they were related to him. Boy did that stick. It really is quite hilarious that the kids all believe the story. Hope you all get a kick out of the poem! We sure are proud of our Anna.
This is a picture of Anna when she dressed up as an American Girl. They had "favorite book character" day at her school last week for Literacy Week. She turned out so cute.

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