12 October 2008


Saturday morning Troy, Logan, Anna and Ella went on their first Young Marine hike for this school year.  This was Ella's first YM hike ever, since she just joined. This time the hike was up in the Jemez mountains which is northwest of us about an hours drive.  I was a little jealous that I couldn't go it was so beautiful up there.  The leaves are all in fall colors and the weather is nice and cool.  Speaking of the weather, It was not all that good towards the end of the hike.  Rain and hail decided to make an appearance and get everybody a little cold and wet.  Being the good Young Marines that everyone is, they all had ponchos to keep themselves dry.  I think it was a good learning experience for the kids.  They ended only hiking 5 miles.  Troy got to see a couple that were nudist bathing in a hot spring!  He was so embarrassed about it.  I thought is was soooooo funny.  I could just imagine how red he got.  If any of you know how red Troy gets when he gets embarrassed you would understand.  He was able to divert the kids around the trail so they did not get a peek in.  Over all I think that the kids had a really good time.  I was really proud of Ella because this was her first time on such a big hike.  She did so good!  She said the only thing she did not like was the rain.  As you can see from the picture, she was not very pleased with the weather.  Troy and the kids felt a lot better once they were home and had taken a hot bath.  This morning Troy could barely walk, his legs were so stiff.  He keeps telling me he needs to get into better shape.  We will see about that. (When pigs fly!)

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