09 September 2008

I made Olivia a couple of things to keep her occupied while her siblings are at school and while she is at the doctors office. First I made her a crayon roll. I will post the web site that I found the pattern on. Then I made her a little holder for her paper and markers. I put a little pocket in it also for sticker and stuff. So far she loves it! Now Soren wants one. I think it will be perfect for church. Notice in the picture Olivia has chocolate on her face at 9:00 in the morning. While I was getting the girls hair fixed she got into the cookies.
We got some test results back on her condition. She has a swallowing and chewing disorder that makes her aspirate her food and drink. She is going to have to have feeding therapy, kinda like speech therapy. They are going to have to train her how to swallow and chew properly. At home we are having to change the way we feed her. It's like feeding a baby again. Needless to say she is not very happy with us. This should help her asthma. We upped her reflux med to try to help also. One of our biggest fights right now is trying to get her to wear her oxygen at night. Negotiating with an almost three year old, NOT!

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