11 September 2008

Feeling lost

Since the 4 older kids have gone back to school I have been all out of sorts. It's just Olivia at home now. She wants me to entertain her now because she has no one to play with. I can't put her in a play group because of her immune system. It feels like I watch Little Bear all day long. Then there is the fact that I have so much to do but I just don't want to do it! I walk around the house over and over again going where do I start? I think this is just going to take some time to adjust to one kid at home. It's been like forever. If you want, you can give me advise on how to get it together. What ever "it" is.

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Melissa said...

Hey Emily!

I totally did that two years ago! I feel your "lost". =) I don't know it I have any real advice for ya, but with the housework thing, I went to www.motivatedmoms.com, and then I had my youngest help me do the chores, and check stuff off of the list. He thought it was a game, and I got some housework done every day. I actually just blogged about the chores list from there on my blog. I love it, and sometimes I would race him...he would try to clean out the utensil basket, before I cleaned a toilet or something like that. It was productive fun!

Hope you get "it" soon!! =)
Melissa (Strasser) Jensen