29 October 2009

Phoenix Football.

This makes me cringe.

Soren wouldn't take his hands off of Emily. Emersen is walking with them.

Yesterday was Logan's last game of the season. I am very proud at the work that Logan put into football and the progress he has made. I sit there and watch them play and my stomach hurts every time I hear their helmets crack. I am not cut out to be a football Mom.

This is Anna's friend Amaris.

Amaris's sister Sateva. It was so dang cold out and all the girls had on was short sleeve shirts and shorts. Crazy girls.

Logan's friend Reece broke his collar bone and couldn't play the last couple of games. He wasn't very happy about it.

Richard is # 24. Another one of Logan's friends.

I love this shot of Logan. He is watching the game so intently.

Logan doing some blocking or what ever he was doing. I don't know football.

Emily and Soren are in the same class this year. Richard is Emily's big brother #24. Soren is so cute with Emily.

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Heidi said...

Brayden wants to play football next year, I cringe everytime the subject come up. I hope that he will change his mind by next year.