02 November 2009

Funny Face

Grandma and Grandpa Fowler came to visit us from Utah. Just in time to carve the pumpkins and dress up for Halloween.

Troy doing his best to scare me. Now if he was holding a snake looking like that, it would scare me.

Notice the tears. Both the older girls were throwing fits about who knows what.

Is that a teenage girl look or what?

Soren being goofy.

I loved this picture of Olivia. She just can't quite decide if she likes this feeling or not.

Troy loves to be yucky for Halloween. He glued nails into the fake bullet holes to make it look like he got shot by a nail gun. I made up his face. I think I did a pretty good job.

My parents dressed up as old hippies. How hilarious is that? Soren was a Ninja, Olivia was a Pink Power Ranger( Earlier she was a purple fairy but she got her dinner all over it.) Anna was a Vampire, Ella was a fun Clown. Logan decided this year that he was to cool to dress up. The funny thing is he wants all the candy still.

Groovy man. Peace.


Sundy's Musings said...

I love the Halloween costumes! Everyone looks great! Did you dress up too?

http://comeandwalkwithus.blogspot.com/ said...

Wait, they are dressed up?!? (Tee hee hee...) Later, Di Walker :)