23 November 2009

Sweater Flowers

The last time my Mom came to visit she taught me how to make these. Aren't they fun? I have become addicted to making them. They are so fun and easy to make and they really liven up my wardrobe. I can put them on my scarves, sweaters, shirts jackets, hats, you name it I can put these flowers on.

All you do is take old sweaters, draw different size circles and cut them out. Then you zig-zag stitch around the circles stretching the material while you sew. That is what makes the ruffles. See, so easy. Layer the circles to make your flower and sew a pin on the back. There is so many ways you can do these. I put beads on a pumpkin colored on and it looks fantastic. I loved the look of the buttons.

This flower idea I got off someones blog. Sorry I don't remember the name of it. Any way, I used linen fabric for these. You just fold the circles in to a pie shape and sew them together.

I have been wearing the sweater flowers on everything lately. My family has begun to tease me. I made purple ones, pink, pumpkin and are planning on making some black ones soon. The sky is the limit with these.

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