14 November 2009

Where are the Wild Things?

Ella reading her poem that she wrote.

The first grade sang "There's a Monster in my closet". The kids were snorting when I snapped this shot.

I love this picture. The three girls surrounding Soren are all in his class and he loves each one of them. Kendall, the little darling is wearing the Darth Vader mask. Abby, Soren and then Emily. They were all so much fun to watch.

Ella is standing in front of the poem she wrote.

We couldn't decide what Soren was. Any who, here he is posing with his picture that he drew. It is the one right above him.
The theme of this years Literacy night was " Where the Wild Things Are". Troy and I thought that was highly appropriate considering ALL kids are little monsters. Well, ours is anyway. This is Soren.



Soren and his friend Emily. How cute are they?

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