22 November 2009

Happy Birthday Baby.

For her Birthday Troy and I took Olivia to Build-a-Bear. It was just the three of us and was so much fun. This was her first time going and it was a really big deal. The picture below is of Olivia the day we brought her home from the hospital. When we brought her home she was just over 5 pounds.

She is our baby and always will be. I still can't believe it has been four years ago that I gave birth to our last child. I miss the feeling of a child growing inside of me, the kicks and the flutters. Now I have a four year old that kicks me and wiggles all over our bed at night. We told her that when she turned 4 she couldn't get into our bed any more and that she had to go to sleep in her own bed. The morning after her birthday she wakes up in our bed right where she always is, in between Troy and I. I asked her when she was going to start staying in her own bed and she told us "when I turn 14". I don't think so. So now this week it is my goal to get Olivia sleeping through the night in her own bed.

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