09 September 2009

My first born turns 14.

The day Logan (Yoda) was born. All scrawny 6lbs. 14 oz. of him. Out of all of my kids, he gave me my hardest labor. 22 hours.

Taking a nap with Daddy.

Visiting the beach in California when he was 2 years old.

When we got Curly.

Grandma Fowler made him this Obi-Wan costume for him. He lived in this robe for 2 years. Grandpa Fowler was Obi-Don Conobi. Logan really thought that Grandpa was a Jedi.

One of the years that Logan attempted to play soccer. He was a day dreamer during the games and we would often catch him skipping down the field or giving the team the ball so " they could have a turn with the ball."

Any chance that Logan can get to play on the computer, even if that means sharing a turn with Soren.

This is a Logan pose. He now puts his arm on my shoulder because......he can!

Logan has always been very active in the scouting program.

Nice GQ. pose Logan.

Logan likes to pull pranks like his father. He thought he was being so dang funny doing this. He even was laughing at himself. Wow, he is so much like his father.

Logan loves the outdoors. This picture he is showing off his height. Picture taken in March of this year.

I think I will call this "King of the Mountain."

This is from this summer up in Utah. Logan and his cousin Maddie got a hold of the camera and took tons of pictures of themselves trying to get the best Facebook profile picture. How funny is that.

Happy Birthday Logan. I was just telling my Mom that I don't feel old enough to have a 14 year old son. I am only 34 for heaven sakes. I guess that is what happens when you get married young then precede to have a family right away. Duh. I am so blessed by having such an amazing son. This teenage stage is not my favorite, but he is a good kid. This is his first year playing football and we are so proud of him.

Logan has a funny sense of humor and loves to mess around. Sometimes I have to put Troy and him in timeout because they both act like little children teasing each other. He has always been very responsible for his school work and been on the honor roll.

Happy Birthday Logan!

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