04 September 2009

What the .........?

The kids all had sore throats and the sniffles this week and stayed home from school for a couple of days. I should correct that. Logan tuffed it out so he wouldn't miss football practice. Soren had it worse than the rest of the kids and felt pretty yucky. Like always when the kids are home I am running around the house trying to get a thousand things done. I went walking by the family room and glimpsed something green sitting on my couch. There Soren was with Olivia watching TV. He was a little loopy from the allergy medicine I had given him. Can you tell? I promise I really did not overdose him. He just looks it. I still don't know why he was wearing the dragon costume. I guess he just felt like it in his allergy medicine induced stupor. Poor little thing. Olivia was just there giving him some moral support. Gotta love little sisters.

There was a good ending to my hellish week taking care of sick kids. They did get better and went back to school. I am still running around the house trying to get everything done. I only pray that this "thing" that Soren was doing was just brought on by being ill. We all hope so.

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Southwestmom05 said...

Oh, that is so darn cute! Love the picture!! Glad they are feeling better!