24 August 2009

My life today.

I really am getting antsy for Autumn to come to New Mexico. Every year right at the end of August I get this irresistible urge to get out all my fall decorations for the house. I make myself wait until the first of September though. Ugh, this is killing me. Maybe I will just put a few out to hold me over until the first of September. These are a few things that are going on in my life right now.

making- some homemade birthday presents.

cooking- some apple muffins.

drinking- lady grey tea, with a splash of milk-no sugar.

reading- Pride and Prejudice.

wanting- my kids to keep their bathroom clean.

looking- very tired, black circles under eyes.

playing- Celtic Women, A New Journey.

wasting- time I should be organizing the house.

liking- the rain that we have had.

wondering- if I should paint my hallway and kitchen.

loving- watching my husband kiss the kids goodbye in the morning.

hoping- that I can get some projects done this week.

marveling- at my three year old's imagination.

needing- a full time cook.

smelling- Paula Deen scented candles.

wearing- what else- jeans and t-shirt.

following- Ree Drummond with the Pioneer Woman.

noticing- that I need to give myself a manicure.

knowing- how many blessing I have.

thinking- I need to take the dogs on a walk.

bookmarking- Vintage pictures of Fall.

wishing- for new couches, White slip covered ones.

opening- way to much junk mail.

feeling- tired, didn't sleep well last night.

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Liz said...

I agree! I always want to decorate on August 1st, but here in Arkansas it's still summer and people would raise an eyebrow. September is pushing it, but I do it anyway. And I even sneak in a Hocus Pocus movie night too. :)