17 August 2009

Puppy Power.

The kids use the Build-a-Bear clothes to play dress up with Fred and Molly. They are not going to be able to fit into them for much longer.

Soren doing his best to get into the shot. Molly was trying to get Fred to wake up to play with her.

How cute is she?

Poor Fred, tired from getting dressed.

Molly's inner diva is coming out.

Olivia and Soren thought this was pretty dang funny.

Anna took this photo of Molly sleeping a few days ago. Notice Fred's butt up in the air.

Izzie playing tug of war with them.

I had to get a picture of this. Troy was on his computer tonight when Fred climbed up and snuggled up with him, his butt in the air.

The puppies have been growing so fast. It has been so much fun for our family to watch Molly and Fred's personality develope . Fred wants to be with someone all the time. If he wants inside he sits at our back door and holler at us to let him in. Just what I needed, another kid yelling at me. He is very much a snuggle bug which the kids love. It gives Izzie a break from being fought after every day. We all get a kick out of his wrinkly face.

Molly is bossy already. She definitely has an attitude and lets everyone know who she is. I was at the park today with Marissa and we were just sitting watching the kids play. Another kid on a bike came in the park and Molly started barking at him. She got right out there letting him know not to mess with us. It was so funny to watch this little puppy defending us.

Izzie has been very patient with them. If she is feeling like she is being left out she climbs right on to our laps. I swear she thinks she is a lap dog. It has been good for her to have someone to play with. One of the things she does is plays tug of war with the puppies. She will take her sock over to them to get them to play with her. When we take Izzie on her walks at the park the puppies follow right beside her.

We miss Curly so much. Little things set me off into a crying fit. I will hear Izzie's toenails clicking down the hallway at night and think it is Curly, then start to cry. Every couple of days one of the kids will start to think about him and start to sob. It has been such a blessing to have Izzie, Fred and Molly here with us. The happiness it brings into our lives is priceless. The kids all love them so much. Then there is me, I can't get enough of the little things.


The DeGooyer Tetrad said...

Your dogs are adorable! Makes me ALMOST want a puppy. But I'm glad our dog is potty-trained!

Heidi said...

Brayden and I think that what the kids did to the dogs was totally cute. Andy, on the other hand, feels sorry for the dogs.