22 August 2009

Having some outdoor fun.

The kids trying to catch a fish. Notice a couple of things here OK? First Anna is wearing Troy's NRA hat that I absolutely hate. They wear it just to get my goat. Second, Ella is such a girly girl. Look how she is fishing with her hand on her hip. That is soooo Ella. I am surprised that Soren is not in the pool swimming with the fish.

Soren shooting a .22.

Anna taking her turn with the shotgun.

Now Logan is taking a go at it.

Ella shooting a .22.

Both the girls were learning how to tie a fly. Anna really got into it.

Ella on starting on the rock wall.

Logan is an old pro at this.

Soren was pretty excited to be doing this. Last year he was to short for the climbing wall. He was so sure he was going to be BIG enough this year.

Today was the New Mexico Outdoor Expo. Troy took Logan, Anna, Ella and Soren to have some fun shooting guns, making flies, fishing, climbing rock walls and some art projects. They came home with lots of stories for me to listen to all at once.

I had been sick so I stayed home with Olivia. She was feeling a little under the weather too. It was nice to have some quiet time and listen to some good music. Olivia took a long nap that improved her disposition greatly. I, on the other hand, tried to take a nap and was unable to. I was scared that the mouse that one of the dogs caught and brought in the house was going to crawl all over me. Molly was playing with a mouse this morning and it got loose. Every time I would close my eyes I would get the heeby jeebies. To bad my disposition did not improve.

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