09 August 2009

School starts soon.

This past week Anna and Logan both got registered for Middle School. In just short while all the kids will be back a school and it will be just Olivia and me, plus the three dogs that we need to train. I am looking forward to having life get back on a good schedule. It has been a hectic summer and I am soooo wanting it to be Fall again. I know I am wishing away time but I just NEED Fall to be here with the cooler weather. Good luck to all of you that are having to get kids all prepared to start school. With 4 in school there is plenty for me to do.


The DeGooyer Tetrad said...

Good luck getting your kids ready for school. We've already been in school for over 2 weeks. :-) It's not sooo bad.

Heidi said...

I get Brayden registered for the
7th grade on Wednesday, I can't believe that he is going to be starting middle school.:)