11 August 2009

Kids love fake blood.

Look at Troy in the background. Can you tell he was a little weary? Anna was pretty impressed with all the gore.

Logan making sure he looks good even with pretend wounds.

Dylan, Logan's best friend had the worst facial wounds. He thought it was all funny.

Ella ever a diva even though she is sporting a little fake blood.

Troy, Logan, Anna, Ella and their friend Dylan all participated in the Rail Runner Mock Disaster. They played the part of the victims so all the emergency personal could practice their drills on them. Troy and the girls went representing the Young Marines. Logan and Dylan went representing the Scouts. They all came home all bloodied up and excited about it. I think Troy had the most fun. He got to help out the EMT people. In January he is going to be taking a EMT course and is really excited about it. ( If you want to see what Troy is really into, go check out his blog at Emergency Scouter. There is a like on the list of my favorite blog sites.) All in all they had fun and it was a good experience for them. I got to stay home not feeling good taking care of two little busy bodies. Fun for me. Hopefully next time I will be able to get all bloody and play hurt.

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theProvidentWoman said...

Wow! Their wounds look real. I was thinking "Oh, my what happened."