03 August 2009

Our wild crazy family.

Michael photoshoped us all together for one big happy family.

Our good friends the Knights came over the Sunday before Curly passed away and took some family pictures. The top pictures depicts our family so well. We all dressed in something that represented each of us. Olivia was in her fairy costume, Soren in his army, Ella in dress up and my shoes, Anna in a church dress and her Young Marine boots and Logan is just looking cool. Troy and I each wore our pajama pants, because that is what we would love to live in. It was a fun photo shoot. Thank you Heather and Michael!


Brayden's Blog said...

Emily, I totally love the picture of the mulitple photos of the family.


sarah emms said...

So this is the famous pic you were telling me about! I love it! It is hilarious...lol. You are right Soren is everywhere!!!!!!
Let's get together this week or next.
sarah emms