02 August 2009

Pagosa Springs.

Olivia who wanted to take the horse home. We could put it in our backyard Mommy.

Logan who thinks he is a cowboy. Hehehehahahaha.

Soren who probably one day will be a "real" cowboy.

Anna who loves horses the most.

Ella was a little bit giddy and making the horse nervous.

The puppies had been playing in the mud. Can you tell?

Logan even had a paw print on his chin.

This was the first time Fred and Molly got to play in the water. They had fun for a few minutes then got to cold and wanted to be held and warmed up.

My beautiful Aunt Peggy.

The girls made it to the big rock and they were very proud of themselves.

At the San Juan River.

The family packed up and headed up to Colorado for a couple of days. My wonderful Aunt lives there and we stayed with her. We all had a wonderful time exploring the river and mountains. It had rained a lot so we did not get to do any hiking. The kids got to see some deer, boy did they think that was great. They all thought that we should move to Pagosa and live in the mountains. I think we should too, but Troy has this great job here that supports our family. Drat! We had a good time visiting with Aunt Peggy. The kids kept calling her Grandma. She looks a lot like my mother plus they have a Grandma Peggie. It was just to hard for them to keep straight. We are hoping to have another visit in the fall when all the leaves are turning.

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The Higbee's said...

Oh I'm so jealous ! We had such a great time when we were there my kids talk about going back all the time, and as of yet we haven't made it. Hopefully sometime soon