29 July 2009

Our beloved Curly Dog.

Our dear old Curly Dog.

Doing what Curly did best. Last spring.

This was our last camp out with Curly. This hike was pretty hard on him, but he loved it.

An old family photo back in the spring of 2007.

Izzie and Curly.

Several years ago when we built the tree house. He was supervising.

This was a camping trip that we took in the summer of 2007. He was always trying to keep an eye out for the kids.

Or beloved Curly dog has passed away today. He has been a part of our family since Anna was about 2 years old. We have had him for 10 years. It was his time to go, he was sick and miserable. Now he is in a better place. Three of children have not known life without him.

Curly had the stuffiest personality. I would have to compare him to an English butler. He loved the kids unconditionally. He always knew about what time the kids would get home from school and wait for them. Curly wasn't the most active dog on the planet, but where ever the kids were, he was right there with them. He didn't like Troy wrestling with the kids and would growl at him. About 3 weeks before I gave birth to my kids Curly would follow me everywhere, even the bathroom. I was always tripping over him. He sensed that something was going to happen and was protecting me. What was truly amazing is when I had My last, Olivia. Without fail Curly started to be my shadow 3 weeks before she was born. I was thinking he was starting this behavior early because I was not due for another 6 weeks. She ended up being born 3 weeks early. Curly knew, I don't know how he did. Then after the babies are born he would sleep under the crib or where ever they were. If they made the tiniest squeak he would come and get us, his tail wagging.

He was scared of the dark, lightning, fireworks and rain storms. Anytime he got scared the kids would all make sure that Curly was comfortable and snuggled up with someone. These past few weeks since Curly had been sick the kids were always touching and talking to him to make sure he was OK. He got really sick these past couple days. Troy was going to come home from work today to take him in to be put down. I took the kids to a picnic at a park across town so they would not be here when Troy came to get Curly. by the time that Troy got here Curly had passed away. I am thankful he is no longer in pain and suffering. We will miss him more that I can even say. We have already shed a lot of tears. All of us except for Soren who wanted to know if he could be the one to bury Curly.

We have 2 new little puppies that are keeping us occupied. Izzie seems to know what is going on. She has been laying around today a little sad. We can never replace Curly because he was a one of a kind dog. The kids best friends. They will have many dogs over the years, but there will only be one Curly.


The DeGooyer Tetrad said...

I'm soooo sorry to hear that Curly died. Pets are so wonderful! And he sounded like a great dog! Your puppies are adorable though! :-)

pinon family said...

I'm so sad that Curly died. I loved looking at the pictures, you know how I loved when you shaved him and he looked like a guinea pig :).