25 July 2009

Meet Mollly and Fred Dunow.

Fred is the little boy pinning his sister down. He looks more like a coon hound.

Molly is the little butterscotch that is being bullied by her brother. Get used to it little girl.

This is Fred's Elvis look.

Oh my lucky stars, is there nothing in this world cuter that sleeping puppies?

Troy and I went and picked up Fred and Molly yesterday. The kids were so excited they could hardly stand it. Of course there have already had battles over who is going to hold them. They are both about 8 weeks old and half siblings. Both their moms are Labs and they have the same father which is a Coon Hound. Fred looks more like his dad and Molly looks more like her mom. Izzie, who is our golden retriever mix dog is so happy to have other dogs to play with. It has been fun to watch her with them. She was fixed when she was a puppy and has never had a litter herself but she is very motherly toward the puppies. Curly, our Shihtzu mix is indifferent toward them. He is getting old and cranky and doesn't even want the kids to play with him. He is always hiding and sleeping. When the puppies go near him he growls telling them to leave him alone. This is one of the reasons I wanted to get another dog. Our family is huge dog lovers. We love having them around us all the time, to play and snuggle. They have become companions to the kids and Troy and I. I am afraid that Curly will not be with us in the near future and wanted the kids attention on something else. Also Izzie needed someone rambunctious to play with her.

I think having dogs are wonderful for the kids most of all. It teaches them compassion for other living things and responsibility. It also keeps my kids active. With Izzie we have had to walk her everyday so it makes us get out and active. This fall I will be taking a class to teach Izzie how to train with a backpack. Hopefully when Fred and Molly get older they will be able to learn that also. As a family we love to camp and hike so this will be a plus.

I know that they are going to grow up so fast. I am relishing this time that they are babies because there is nothing cuter in the whole wide world than puppies. Oh my Lawzie I am in love with these babies. Last night they cried a lot because it was their first night away from home. I felt so bad for them. The only thing I am not looking forward to is house training them. So far so good, no accidents. Yay! If anyone has some really good advice on this, let me know.

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