19 July 2009

Memories of childhood.

I just recently connected to a friend on Facebook that I haven't seen or talked to for about 20 years or so. Heidi Elledge and I spent our tender young years tearing up our neighborhoods. I was so excited to hear from her I could hardly contain myself. It was rather a surprise because I had been trying to locate her for several years now. Raising children of my own now and seeing the friendships they are forming has brought back memories of my own special bonds that I had with friends. Heidi and I were very close to eachother. I had my very first sleepover at her house. She had two other sisters and it was a lot of shrieking and giggling going on. I thought it was amazing that she had so much GIRL stuff at her house to play with. I had 6 brothers and 1 sister, so there was more boy stuff that girl stuff. One of the most memorable things we did was riding down the "hill" in the red wagon. The hill I am talking about is not some "little"out of the way hill. It's the main road into the neighborhood and it is steep. I am amazed that we were not hit by a car or had any bones broken.

I can't remember how old we were when her parents divorced the they moved away. It was still in grade school. I was devastated that she had left. I saw her over the years at different functions, but have always thought of her over the years and wondered how her life had turned out. I saw her Dad at a restaurant a few days before I got married. My Mom had always stayed in contact with Heidi's Mom so I had updates about her through that.

I've had kids and stayed busy trying to raise them. I am using the word TRYING very loosely. Always thinking about my best childhood friend. I am thrilled to know that she is happy and healthy and getting on in life. Now that we have reconnected I hope that we will have more chances to visit and hopefully see one another some day. Thanks for the memories Heidi!

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Melissa said...

wow! i went to school with heidi in 6th grade! isn't it fun to find dear friends on facebook. i love it when people find me...or i find them. glad to know she is good...maybe i will look her up to!