12 July 2009

Happy Birthday to me, a very scary one.

This is the day Mom and Dad brought me home from the hospital. Grandma Sorensen came to help Mom out.

The front of the card the girls made.

Everyone signed it including Izzie with a slobbery kiss.

The roses Logan cut for me. This is a big deal for a 13 year old boy to do!

The scary part is waking up to this. Just kidding, I am just not used to it yet. I never will.

I don't want him to ever do this again. I want his hair back!

I can't see, the glare-helllllp my eyes.

Troy had been asking me lately if I would shave his head for him. He has always hated his hair and wishes daily that he would go bald. I wish daily that my hair would grow thicker and faster. So not fair! So last night to the surprise to all our kids I shaved Troys head. Olivia thinks it is so funny. I think he looks down right scary. Troy is a tiny 6'5"tall. Sometimes he does not think that he has the capacity to scare people. These photos will prove it otherwise.

Also it is my birthday to day. Yay me. I got out of bed this morning just to have all my kids scream at me telling me to get back in bed. Troy had gotten up early and made fresh from the oven banana bread. Yummy! The kids all made me a card, even Izzie licked it for me. Notice the marker running and smeared, that would be Izzie spit. Gotta love that gal. Logan went out in front and cut me fresh roses to put on the tray. I had a very nice breakfast in bed thanks to my wonderful family. I am feeling a little on the yucky crappy awful side today so I have spent most the day in bed. Good thing it is my birthday.

34 years ago I was born to parents who already had 1 girl and 5 boys. My parents are the best in the world and I can only hope that I turn out to be just like them. Thanks Mom and Dad for bringing me into this world.


The Higbee's said...

Happy Birthday ! Sorry but I have to take Troy's side on this one I kinda like the bald look !

The DeGooyer Tetrad said...

Happy Birthday! I must say, I love your blog! And I agree with you - Troy looks like Uncle Fester from the Adams' Family! Yikes!