21 July 2009

My most embarrassing moment in my life.

When I saw these pictures I realized that she was a month old when this happened. Boy was I pathetic.

This is the story about my most embarrassing experience EVER. I had been a couple of weeks since the birth of my third child and I was trying to get ready for her blessing. My life was a mess due to a new born who wanted to nurse all the time. I was desperately trying to get my life have some sort of routine, no such luck. There is no such thing as a routine with 3 small children, especially for a mother who has no organizing skills. The day before her blessing I found myself trying to fit into anything in my closet. I was getting so desperate to find something; I was temped to wear one of my husband’s suits. My husband found me face down on my bed sobbing my eyes out complaining how huge I still was, how I would never be the same, none of my clothes fit me, although I was in love with the size of my breasts. The only time in my life when I have perfect breasts is when I am nursing. My wonderful husband hugged me and told me he loved me and my beautiful body that just gave birth to his daughter and that he really loved my breasts. He calmed me down and told me to run to town and find something for me to wear.

I fed my daughter so my husband wouldn’t have a screaming baby to take care of while I was gone, and then I was off. For me, the first week after I have a baby is pretty tuff on my body. I sweat profusely, my breasts are HUGE, I leak milk everywhere and I am in pain. I ran into Old Navy and I mean ran. All I could think about was trying to get home before my little new baby needed me again. I grabbed an armful of clothes and was off to the dressing rooms. After trying on what seemed like a thousand things and I couldn’t find anything to fit me right, I threw on my clothes and my coat and went out of the dressing rooms. As we all know at Old Navy they have a member of their crew at the dressing rooms to help if you need them. The one at the dressing room that day happened to be a teenage boy. I handed him all the clothes that didn’t fit me and looked up to his face and he was a red as a beat. “Um Mam, I think you forgot to put something on” he said. I looked down at my self and ran back into the dressing room and started to cry. I had walked out of the dressing room with out my shirt. All I had on was my pants, shoes, coat and nursing bra. The thing about the nursing bra was that I was so engorged that I couldn’t snap the top closed and the flaps were just hanging there. To top it off, I had big ol’ cotton nursing pads stuffed in my bra. That poor boy probably didn’t know what to think of that freak who just flashed him.

I called my husband while I was sitting there sobbing in the dressing room and told him about the whole terrible experience. I had no idea how I was going to get out of there without anybody noticing me. All of those dang employees have little headsets to talk to each other and the whole dang store was having a good laugh. Sure enough, by the time I composed myself, checked myself in the mirror a thousand times to make sure I had all my clothes on I walked to the front of the store with every employee watching me. I cried the whole way home and for the next two months. I stuffed my bloated body into an old dress of mine for the blessing because there was no way in hell I was going to go back into a store anytime soon. To this day I have serious issues about trying clothes on in stores and that was 9 years ago.

I laugh about it now and tell this story to a lot of new moms. They usually sit there thinking “ I’m glad I am not that pathetic.” I have had two more beautiful children since then and always kept my closet stocked with “Big Clothes.” Being a mother of 5 is not easy but I would never change one thing about the whole experience. Maybe I would change the fact that everything in my house is sticky but other than that…….


Doug and Cherai said...

Emily that is just terrible and funny at the same time. I can not imagine. I bet you were sleep deprived too. You should send that to a magazine. I bet they would publish it.

Guyla Thurgood said...

I totally agree with Cherai when she says that is terrible and yet funny too. I'm so sorry you had to go through that! I'm glad that you shared it with us though. It is not easy becoming a new mom again....no matter how many children you have!

I have been thinking of your house a lot lately. You are so talented at how you decorated it and I'm needing inspiration for my new home!

The Higbee's said...

Em How have I never heard that story? As sad as it is it's soooo funny, I think we've all had moments like that (o.k. maybe not near that bad) as new moms! I love the fact that you shared that, you're the best !!!

Sharon said...

Hi Emily!
Found your blog through PW!
Thanks for sharing your story! It just helps keep things in perspective, doesn't it? Keep up those great stories :)