27 July 2009

Young Marines go swimming and more.

Right before they left.

The Sandoval county Sheriff let them all take rides on the boat.

Ella getting done with her swimming test.

Anna was complaining how cold the water was so Gunny Glass decided to help her get used to the water by throwing her in.

Sunday I took Soren, Logan and Olivia up to play in the lake. Olivia did not want to get out of the water. She is such a little fish.

She had food all over her sweet little face. Typical.

At the end of the encampment the had a flag retiring ceremony. Anna helped raise the flag, she was so proud of herself. We were proud of her too. When I went up on Sunday I left Logan there with the group. He is the one without the uniform. By the time they all got home on Monday they were tuckered out. I have to just sit down when they all get home because they all have lots of stories to tell, most of them funny. I love how they come home with such respect for the country and such a sense of accomplishment. The leader are all so wonderful, I can't ask for more than that. Troy is able to be one of the volunteers and has such a great time.

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Sharon said...

Thank you!
Your olivia is so cute :) Another young girl I know of the same name often has food on her face too!
PW is awesome. She's so hilarious! And my life is sooooo far from country life that it is always enlightening to read her posts.