12 September 2009

She is a Young Woman now.

I had taken Anna and Logan to the park when she was just a few days old. September 1997.

Anna was a very fussy baby. She had colic until she was about 5 months old. The only way she would settle down was to let her suck on my pinky finger. Let me tell you how hard that was to take care of a 2 year old while having a baby either nursing constantly or attached to my finger.

Anna was so excited to have a real live baby doll to play with. Poor Ella was hauled around by Anna all the time. There were several times that Ella had gone missing and Anna would have taken Ella and put her in Anna's doll cradle. It was a blessing that Ella was not a cranky baby.

Notice her short hair. One day Logan took Anna into the bathroom and cut off both of Anna's ponytails. I was not happy at all. I could hardly be mad when all they were doing was playing "beauty parlor."

Christmas of 2005.

April of 2006 Anna had a 50's day at school. She was so excited because she got to wear makeup.

October of 2007. All the last of the Cosmo's are blooming, a perfect background for Anna.

Anna got her first "layered" haircut. July 2008.

March of 2009. This was taken right before they left for a Young Marine encampment.

Anna along with Daddy, Logan, Ella and their friend Dylan got to play victims at the Rail Runner Mock disaster trial. Anna went representing the Young Marines.

Two years and 3 days after Logan was born Anna came into the world. She is named after my Mother Anna, and also her middle name after Troy's mother, Peggie Louise. She was a cranky baby for a about 5 months. Then it was like overnight she turned into this sweet little angel. She has always been a shy reserved girl always wanting to make other feel comfortable. People always comment on what a sweet quiet thing she is. We always tell them back, just don't cross her. If you cross Anna, watch your back because SHE WILL GET YOU! Troy says that she takes after me. He really has no idea what he is talking about.

Anna joined the Young Marines and has excelled at it. We think that it is the perfect fit for her. She has over come some fears like talking in front of people and meeting new people. She has been repelling, learned how to shoot a gun and crossed a canyon on a rope.

Last year she was on the Honor roll and did great at school. We are so proud to have Anna as our daughter. She is an amazing help. I love to watch her with the dogs. There is such a huge connection there. She was absolutely devastated when Curly passed away a couple of months ago.

I am enjoying and dreading her growing up. It is all happening so fast. She has started to wear a little makeup. She is so beautiful. We love you Anna. Happy Birthday Anna Dear!

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pinon family said...

Happy Birthday Anna!! Hurry and feel better we can't wait for you in Young Womens!!!