04 January 2009

Lions, Tigers, and Bears Oh My!

Looking at the Sting Rays.

Olivia, Soren, Autumn, Blake, Ella, Anna, Logan, Jordan.

Grandma Peggie and Anna.

Ella, Soren, Olivia, Autumn and Anna at the Botanical Gardens.

Riding the little train. Troy, Olivia and Autumn.

Ella, Emily, Olivia, and Anna reaching for the Giraffe.

This is the Chimp that nearly gave Peggie a heart attack.

The kids all having fun.

The polar bears. My favorite.

It was feeding time, so we watched the trainers throw the bears fish.

The girls watching the polar bears get fed.

Yesterday we had an outing to the Zoo and Aquarium. What an event that turned out to be. Grandma Peggie, Troy and I took our 5 kids plus Tara's 3. Tara stayed home sick. We started at the Aquarium. Blake was totally enthralled with the sea turtles. I think out of all the kids Blake enjoyed it the most. After seeing the Sharks and fish we had lunch at the Botanical Gardens. It was a really mild day, perfect for a picnic. The kids all had fun feeding the ducks. We boarded the little train after lunch and it took us to the Zoo. The funniest thing happened while we were there. We were all looking at the Chimps through a window. Peggie was standing at the next window. Suddenly the Chimp jumped over to the window next to Peggie and slapped his hand on it. Peggie must of jumped 2 feet in the air! She also let out quite a squeal. Troy and I thought she was going to have a heart attack. The kids all had fun seeing all the animals. Troy, Peggie and I could hardly keep up with the kids. By the time we rode the train back to the botanical gardens and went home we were all pretty tuckered out. I hope that the kids will remember the outing they had with their cousins and Grandma.

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The DeGooyer Tetrad said...

We love seeing your family blog. It is awesome. We never heard of Michael Buble but we sure like his music you have on your blog and he will definitely be a part of our listening pleasure from now on. Say hello to Tara for me.