15 January 2009

The Dunow's favorite music.

On the right hand side of our blog I put three videos of our favorite musicians. I should say mostly my favorite, but I force my family to listen to them. The whole family loves Celtic Women. The girls love to play dress up and sing and dance while they watch their DVD. Josh Groban has been in our house since he first came out. Love, love , love his voice. When Soren was just a baby, listening to Josh was the only way to sooth him. Last, but not least is My Michael Buble. I know I have written a lot about him, but it is never enough. I usually have him playing in our home several hours a day. Troy and Logan call him Mikki Bubble Boy. It really gets my goat! Troy is just jealous because he can't sing. (Love you Dear Heart.) Hope this gives you all a chance to fall in love with some great music and performers.


bertah123 said...

Love that first song by Michael Buble. Josh is wonderful! But have you listened to Mario Frangoulis? Some Times I Dream is awe inspiring. The DVD is fantastic and I imagine it's in the library. I also love Vittorio Grigolo, Patrizio Buanne and Alessandro Safina. Alessandro Safina has a duet with Mario, in Mario's new cd, Mario and Friends, What a Woderful World. Others included are; Lucio Dalla, Lara Fabian, Steve Balsamo and Justin Hayward. This cd can be ordered from; greekmusicshop.gr

I love, love Josh' duet with Placido Domingo from the new cd Amore Infinito. His voice just gets better!

The Higbee's said...

Cool Idea ! I'm loving this whole blog thing it's such a great way to keep in touch and see everyone's families.If any of your family has blogs feel free to give them our link and share their's with me if they don't mind.

pinon family said...

won't even tell you what Aaron calls Michael. I am still pretty sure that he was checking us out at the concert, I hear he loves crazy prego women :).