28 January 2009

Preschool Playmates.

Enjoying their snack, hot chocolate and muffins.

The playroom was clean when they got here. They had a lot of fun.

They were all saying" cheese!"

Working on their project.

Being silly!

Today was the first time I held Olivia's little preschool-play date group at or house. These are kids from our ward and are all about the same age. Olivia was so excited when she woke up this morning she could hardly stand it. I just recently started to let her be around kids again. I was trying desperately this winter to not let her get pneumonia. She catches things so easily that I am really careful who she is exposed to. A little cold to one kid, is really serious to Olivia. I have to say that she has been really healthy this winter. Probably from all the broccoli she eats!

All the kids are potty trained except for her. Once she saw the kids use the potty she went right in her room, took off her diaper and put panties on. Then she showed all the kids that she had panties on! Not twenty minutes later she wet her undies and wanted a diaper back on. You would think that her being my fifth, that I would know how to potty train a kid! She is so stubborn. At least we have the Bobbie thing over and done with. Gotta love her!


http://comeandwalkwithus.blogspot.com/ said...

How fun! I did "joy-school" with Shelbi and Lucas and I absolutely loved it! It is just so much fun doing the lesson plan and trying to keep everything educational and entertaining - good for you! What fun memories you are making! Di

The Higbee's said...

How fun! I'm so thankful we have a preschool program here and he has the best teacher aunt Jeanne )Don't worry about the whole potty training, my sister had one that was stubborn like that and all of a sudden one day he just decided it was easier to use the toilet and never had an accident after that. When she's ready it will be a piece of cake. :) take care kitten