06 December 2011

New Home in Custer!

We are finally here in Custer Washington in one piece. Didn't think it was going to happen. At this point in my life I don't want to ever go on a trip with my family again. EVER! After the movers got all our stuff unloaded we hit the floor running unpacking all our stuff. One of the first things I did was to put a little Christmas spirit into our home for the kids. Poppy thought that I did it just for her. She thinks I do everything for her.
The kids fell in love with the place instantly. Even Logan in all his grumbling and groaning likes the place. The kids can't get enough of the outside here. Either can I. I can't stand it, it's so beautiful. The cold here is nothing I have ever experienced, totally wet. Wet air. I have to threaten Olivia to keep a hat and coat on.
Soren is so in his element here. We need to find all his camo.....maybe not.
Still trying to figure out what mountain this is. It's a beautiful view from my window.

Out of everything here, I am most excited about the yard. There is so much space for me to garden and it's not going to cost me a fortune in water to do it!
No, this is not a posting on people of Wal Mart. com. Troy went on a walk with the kids in his pajama bottoms. I did too, but nobody got a picture of that!

There is an old chicken coop. I am very tempted to get chickens again. I am already missing my little ladies.

Our bunny loves to go on walks around the property.
There are raspberries, Marion berries and blackberries in the yard. Then there are blackberries all over the stinking place. Everywhere you go there are wild blackberries growing. EVERYWHERE!
I have a greenhouse to do my gardening in. Love it!


The pond. There are even trout in it. It's just catch and release. So fun!
We are happy to be here and start a new chapter in our life. We all miss our New Mexico friends so much. The tears have been plenty. My heart has been hurting because I miss everyone so much. I know we are suppose to be here. Troy's job is wonderful and he is happy with it. The kids will all adjust, we will make new friends and new memories. Nothing will ever stop us from loving the people who are so dear to us from New Mexico. Out of everyone we have left we all miss our little Emersen the most. Her daily visits into our home is being missed so much. I will hear the kids playing and expect Em to be there with them. It doesn't seem the same with out her with us. We need to get skype up and running so we could see her sweet face. I am going to end this because I am now sobbing my eyes out! Love and miss you all.


Elizabeth said...

I am so glad you are happy! And your home is just beautiful. I am jealous of all the green and berries.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Dunow clan. Melody and I went by to deliver a little treat basket for you all, and discovered a for sale sign and an empty house! Congrats to all of you. Sorry we weren't around enough to know you were heading out.
We'll take care of the goodie basket for you. ;)
PS I'm jealous too. It's beautiful. Extraordinary house!
Jon and Melody