28 December 2011

The family farm. Sort of.

Izzie and Poppy are always being talked about and the other little critters in our family are feeling left out. We have Nutmeg, the bunny. We have had him for a couple of years now and he is very friendly. The kids love to play chase with him. Izzie and him get a long great and go exploring all the time. I will whistle for Izzie and Nutmeg will come running.
Here is Chew-Ziggy-Zig, the rapping Hedgehog. Our family got him just before we moved to Washington. Troy was a little annoyed with me for acquiring another animal right before the move, but as always he just says "what ever makes you happy Dear."
What a nice Husband he is.
Now how we came up with his name.
Logan came up with Ziggy. Anna came up with Chewbaca. Soren was going through a face of being a cowboy rapper. So Soren was always rapping about something. Yikes, I know! Troy and the kids were joking about if the Hedgehog was a rapper and Troy came up with a rapper name.
There you go! I know Hedgehogs don't seem like a very fun animal, but truly they are very cute to watch and take care of. I have had lot's of fun with him. He has a sweet little personality .

This is our new little guy. His name is Buster, in honour of Buster off the the Authur cartoon. Buster came into our family just a few days before Christmas. My Sister-in-law Karrie's friend gave him to us. We had to drive to Seattle to pick him up. I fell instantly in love with him. He is such a funny little thing. Buster is about 10 months old and we are still unsure of the kind of dog he is. He gets along great with all the other animals in our family and the humans too!
I am so glad that all my kids and husband love animals as much as I do. The give us so much joy and fun in our lives. It also has taught my kids responsibility of taking care of something. They find friendship and comfort in the pets. We are really lucky to have them in our lives.

Buster loves to snuggle with the kids.

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