21 December 2011

A walk in the woods.

It all started off as a nice outing outside with the kids. Logan decided that he is going to make cats on a leash fashionable.
See how cool this looks? Can't you see Matt Damon or Beckam hauling around a cat on a leash?
Ok, maybe not. Poppy was much happier in the tree sunning herself.
We decided to go for a walk in the forest. The kids needed to get some energy out.
This is by far one of my most favorite things to do.
Had to get a pic of my cute little Olivia.
Ella and Logan coming into the forest. Had it in my mind that it was going to be such a lovely quiet and clean walk in the woods with my well behaved children. Taking pictures, looking at nature..........
Instead they went and got stuck in some mud.
And more stuck, and dirty, and cold and saying mean things to each other.
All the while their caring Mother stood back and took photos and laughed.
I laughed because it's just my luck that I have to get all the mud stains out of their clothes now.

Logan just stood back and laughed.

Izzie dog just followed everyone around. She is in her element here. Her day consists of chasing ducks, digging for moles, romping through the streams, laying in the sun and then running through the cornfields. Then she drops and sleeps. What a fun day we had!

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