06 January 2012

I need some answers!

Its seems since I have move to Custer Washington all I have done is ask questions. I need some answers! My good husband MR. KNOW IT ALL, apparently doesn't know it all.
What are these and why have they made them look so pretty.
I know there is a reason for bending them over......
All the fields around us are full of these. They are so beautiful, even in winter. I can't imagine how gorgeous they will be full of ripe berries.
Was this an old barn made into a house?
Another question.
I am absolutely in love with it. The roof is copper.
I wonder if I go knock on their door and ask them if I could go through their house they would let me?
Another question.

What are these? I am assuming another kind of berry.
I thought birds flew south for the winter. There are geese everywhere. Why?
Another question. What kind of berry is this? I think strawberry. In the background is our house. I wonder if the farmer will know if I pick his strawberries this summer?
On the road to our house there is this big nest. You all know how I love birds. Someone told me it was a bald eagles nest. I know they are around here because I have seen them.
I really don't have the time to sit for hours waiting for a bird to appear in the nest. Will someone do it for me so I know?
This is the lane leading up to our house. How many times a week do I walk this?
It seems like thousands. Taking kids to the bus, picking them up, getting the mail, chasing dogs down. The list goes on. You would think I would be looking very svelte by now.
Why am I not?
Another question.
These next questions are Troys. What is Emily thinking when she makes wreaths out of old books.
Well, #1-cheap.
#3- something I can do in the craft room with no kids bothering me.
I needed something big to fill the space above my fireplace. I love it. Some people just look and shake their heads.
So there you go. I need some answers please.

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