11 January 2012

Morning show.

Lately I have been having a hard time getting up and the kids ready in the morning. Maybe something to do with my shoulder that is taking it's own sweet time healing. It's making sleep almost impossible.
So as I was sitting on the couch downing my second cup of coffee, Olivia starts screaming that there's a rainbow outside. Now even though I am still in a sleep fog, I knew there is not rainbows when it's dark outside. So I turn my stiff, sore, creaking body towards the window and low and behold there is a rainbow outside.
Everyday I am here I am floored by the beauty of the area.
Olivia and I watched for about 15 minutes while the sun rose and the sky changed it's colors.
Olivia was totally enthralled by the show.
Of course this was not a silent show. She told me was color it was changing by the second.
I thought Soren and Logan could talk a lot.

This was just what I needed this morning. To watch my baby girl be awed by our earths beauty.
My own "morning show".

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