18 August 2008

We have new bunnies!

The granddaughter of the couple we got Izzy from gave us two pure bred mini Lapsa bunnies.  The kids named them Brownie and Nibbles.  Troy made them a hutch (Logan calls it a hooch) out of an old bench.  The bunnies are really friendly because they were handled since birth.  Emily even lets them play inside.  We have to tie Izzy up because she thinks they are a snack or a plaything.  We are hoping to get the kids involved in 4-H,  these bunnies are the start of that.100_1612100_1615 100_1617 100_1616 100_1618 100_1614 100_1621


joan said...

Hi! Surprise! Your blog and pictures remind me so much of when we lived in New Mexico (JeNeale born in Albuquerque and Jay born in Santa Fe). So good to see pictures of your kids. Hope you don't mind me reading your blog (Sally sent it to me). My kids all blog and I love it. Good luck growing a garden down there. I wonder where your daughter got her love of horses? Joan Hill in Boise

pinon family said...

Carly loved the bunnies! So fun!!