28 June 2012

Keeping kids busy.

 Miss Muffet will walk circles around this flower bed all the while talking to herself.  Sometimes I will just sit and watch her without her knowing it.  She is so funny to listen to.
 The raspberries are starting to ripen.  We are going to have tons of them.  We are also going to have tons of scrapes and scratches trying to get them.  They have overgrown and it's hard to get to most of them.
 Below is a shot of some of the blackberries in bloom.  They are everywhere.  Can't wait to eat them!
 This is the raspberries.  Looks scary, eh?
(I just did a Canada thing.  Haha.)

 Yesterday turned out to be beautiful here.  It was in the mid 70's.  That's summer in Washington for ya.  I kept kicking the kids out of the house.  They need all the sun they can get.  Dylan is staying with us for a while.  I made him take the little boys to the woods to get some sticks and stuff for the fairy houses.  Let's take note of some things here.
1.  Dylan is disliking the slugs here.
2.  The forrest has to many bugs for him.
3. The little boy's are the ones carrying the ax.
4.  Notice Dylan is not bringing anything back for me to use.
He definately is a city boy.  We love you Dylan.  Just watch out for all the slugs making it back to Rio Rancho in your suitcase.
 To give Dylan credit, he dug up the moss for me.
 You go boys!  Don't they look tuff?  I wanted to make fairy houses, the guys weren't going to do it.  We agreed that they could make a fort for their star wars guys or something.

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