24 June 2012

Great friends, noisy house.

Dylan, one of Logan's best friends from Rio Rancho came to visit for a while.  It's been so fun having him here.  He keeps commenting on how green everything is here. 

 The boy's did some target shooting last night.
 Always with Troy's and my supervision.  Teenage boy's with guns?  Uh, scary!  Actually they are very careful.

 We took Dylan for a walk in our woods.  He got really creeped out by all the slugs. 
One thing that is really hilarious is that Dylan is taller than Logan.  Ever since Logan met Dylan in the 4th grade, Logan has been taller than him.  Not anymore.  I was shocked at how tall Dylan was.  Not so surprised once I saw the kids put away the food. 
 Excuse the red eyes.  I need to fix the camera settings.  I think some little kid fingers were playing with my camera.
Cypress, Anna's friend spent the day with us.
 I've been wanting to take some shots of the girls with flowers in their hair.  My beautiful blue eyed Ella.
 Cypress was a little horrified that I made her put flowers in her hair.  She is so NOT the flower type girl.  I think she was a little scared of me.  JK.
 My baby girl Olivia.  It's going to break my heart when she looses her baby teeth.
 I had to practically sit on Anna to put the flowers on her.  Look at that dimple.
 Cypress again.  She is AMAZING with animals.  I
 should start calling her Dr. Doolittle.
 One thing is for certain.  My house is a mad house right now.  Extra kids = extra noise.
I wouldn't trade it for nothing though.  I love having all our friends over.
Things did get a little crazy last night.  We had Cypress's parents over for dinner and all the boy's wrestled.  Matt took some time to play with Ted WFI.
They all ganged up on Dylan.  He so deserved it.
By the end of the night I was ready to lock myself in my room and put earplugs in.
We are so happy to have Dylan with us right now. 
Our family is extra happy to have such great friends like Matt, Cathy and Cypress.

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