17 June 2009

Two very spoiled little girls.

The girls were singing and playing on the stage while we were trying to set up for the party. Look how much taller Megan is than Olivia. They are only 6 weeks apart in age. It is usually our kids that are taller that everyone else.

The girls stuck some confetti on their cheeks and were trying to wink. Megan was doing a pretty good job of it. So cute.

Megan is Jana's youngest and of course Olivia is ours. It is really quite amazing how utterly spoiled these two little girls are. The thing is they are so dang cute!

Trying to warm up after a very cold dip in the pool.

The kids tried to do a lot of swimming at Grandma's house, but it rained to much. Megan loves the water. Olivia puts on foot in the cold water and starts to scream.

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