16 June 2009

Long over due reunion.

There were lots of dents in the walls growing up.

Can you even imagine growing up with all these rowdy boys?

Tim, Russ, Rich, Matt, Phill, Kevin, Me (Emily) and Jana.

Notice all the matching goatees.

Mom and Dad Fowler's 50th Wedding Anniversary was on the 13th of June. All 6 boys, 2 girls and their families showed up for their shindig. It has been many years since all of us have been together at one time and it was a very emotional event for us all. There are many things going on in each of our lives, but I hope that this is going to give us all incentive to keep in touch with each other more. I know that for me it made me want to be a better sister. I think Mom and Dad were a little over whelmed by it all. I am sure they were over the top with happiness. I will post more pictures of the party and reunion later, but for now here is the picture of the Funny Fowler Farm Kids.

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The Higbee's said...

How fun! Arda called Mark on Sat and said they were in Utah for the Party but until then we didn't even know about it, Mark said he would have loved to have been there to see everyone. Hope all is well with everyone they look great.Can't wait to see more pictures.