25 June 2009

My own kind of decorating.

I really need to figure how to take the date off the camera. Anyway, these are the bird lithographs I found at an estate sale the other day. LOVE them! I love to bird watch and have recently been picking up bird stuff her and there.

I mixed the kid's school pictures in with some silhouettes and other photos.

My other new thing I am in love with is silhouettes.

I love old stuff as you can tell. I always try to have some kind of centerpiece on my table even though I have 5 kids that are extremely sloppy. I put tea lights in some mismatched teacups for my recent centerpiece. Like I ever light the candles! Ha! Actually on nights that it is stormy and rainy I light all the candles in the house. I am such a romantic, at least I can dream. There isn't time in this house to even pretend to have any romantic notions, decorating or otherwise.

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