08 August 2011

Children = Energy

All these shots were taken before Pam's Funeral. We had gotten there early and needed to get some energy out of the little ones before they had to sit still for a while. There was a little park across the street from the funeral home that we took them to. I made Reece (Barb's son) and Soren do races back and forth.
It was an absolute miracle not one of my children fell into the fountain they had there.
Any of you that really know us realize that it is REALLY miraculous that they stayed dry.
Silly Boys.
Troy's nephew got us started on a new thing called "Forever 21" This is a spoof on the Forever 21 manikins at the mall. When someone says "Forever 21" you go into a pose that the manikins would be in. I know it's corny, but so much fun.

Just thought we would snap a few shots of our family while we were there.

Seriously Soren?

I think I have such a beautiful family. Don't you agree?
The kids did well during the service for Pam. It was nice to hear about her life and see all the gorgeous pictures of her and Max. As I say there and watched the film at the end of the service I was thinking how in love Pam and Max were. I am so lucky to have such a love in my life. I couldn't ask for a better man than Troy.

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