17 March 2012

To the pond we go.

It has been another long week of rain up here in Washington. Surprising, isn't it? Today we had a break in the rain so we took advantage of the sunshine. We know there is some trout in the pond by our house, so we thought we would give it a go at catching something. I took off down to the pond first with Izzie girl. This is her favorite thing in the world to do. Chase the ducks. She's actually caught a couple. We were making too much noise today. It's such a stunning sight to see them take flight. The sound in amazing also.
The creek is high right now. We have lot's of ducks there all the time.

Here comes Logan and Soren. Logan was being a nice brother by carrying Soren's little fishing pole. Soren doesn't walk anywhere. He runs.
Olivia is always running also. It makes me tired to watch them.
Logan was trying to give Soren some pointers. One of those rare moments in my life where my boys aren't trying to throttle each other.
Daddy and Anna coming down the hill from the shop.
Ella bringing her fishing pole on down.
Olivia kept getting her boots stuck in the mud.
So between Olivia screaming about being stuck in the mud, Izzie splashing through the water and not the right fishing equipment, we didn't catch anything.
The had a good time. I stayed on the other side of the pond so I didn't end up with a hook in my head or face.
We got outside together, got some sunshine and fresh air.
What a wonderful little outing that was.
Some of us got more exercise than others.
Happy St. Patricks Day.

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