15 April 2012

Family pictures spring 2012

I took advantage of the sunny skies here in Northern Washington and took some family pictures. Unfortunately the cornfield behind our house had just been fertilized with cow manure. It stunk sooooo bad.
Logan is our oldest at 16.
Anna is 14
Ella -11
Soren, almost 9
and our baby Olivia, at 6 years old.
I am proud of who my children are becoming. They each have such different unique personalities. They will fight like siblings do, then stick up for each other when it's needed. When someone needs a friend, it's my children who are reaching out to them. They are learning to be kind to others despite their differences in race, religion or culture.
I feel my kids are growing up too fast. I want to slow it down and make these experiences last, yet I know that's not how it's going to happen. Life will continue to fly by. At least I will have these pictures to remind me of the little moments we have together.

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