24 April 2012

Saying goodbye to Buster.

Our little Buster was taken from us last Saturday.  He was killed instantly when a car hit him.
Our hearts are all hurting right now.
He came into our lives last December, right after our move to Washington.  We all needed a new friend and Buster was that little guy who filled that role.  The kids all bonded with him in different ways.

The girls loved to walk him.  Soren loved to throw balls around with him.  Logan and Buster were BFF's.  Buster slept in Logan's room every night. When Logan would get home from school, Buster would follow him everywhere.

For me, he was someone to take care of.  I needed that when all the kids were at school.  He was my little companion during the day.  When I would take a nap, he would come snuggle with me.  At night when I would crawl into bed to read, Buster was there with me.  Then Logan would steel him when it was bedtime!
He loved, loved, loved the snow.
Sometimes we joked that he was more cat than dog.  He lounged on the back of the couch in the sun.  Logan found out that Buster was a really good mouser.  One morning Buster had caught a mouse and brought it to Logan in bed.  He was so proud of himself!

I had gotten a bunch of baby toys at Goodwill for Buster to play with.  He would go over to his basket and take out a toy and play with it.  That would happen until the basket was empty.  He never did learn how to clean up his toys.
The mole hills were always a source of entertainment for him.  He would dig until we could just see his tail sticking out.
This video below is of Buster after he got into some catnip.  Yes, one more reason he was so cat like.

We only had Buster for such a short little while, but he made such a huge impact on our lives.  It's amazing how we will love such a small little creature so fiercely.  It's been extremely difficult not having him with us.  I am so glad that he didn't suffer.
The kids planted some flowers on his grave by the forest.  That has helped them a bit.  I am thankful for the time Buster was in our lives.  He will be missed greatly.

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dunowbunch said...

We love you, Buster.