21 March 2010

Lambert's in Missouri.

Food. Lot's and lot's of food. More food than you can fit in your stomach at one sitting, yet you do.

Chuck and Peggie took us to a restaurant in Springfield called Lambert's. There were 14 of us and we had to use 2 tables.

One of the things that they do at Lambert's is throw hot rolls. Someone walks around tossing rolls all over the place. If you want a roll, all you have to do is raise your hand and catch them.

This is a typical shot of Logan. Food stuffed in his face.

Along with the food you order someone is walking around with huge serving bowls scooping out sides like fried potato's and black eyed pea's. Fried okra was one of my favorite.

The meal comes in a big frying pan.


Blake and Autumn enjoying their food. I think we all ate about a dozen rolls each.

Tara and Autumn being silly.

Ah, the newly weds. It was fun to get to know our new brother-in-law. Brian was really brave to go have dinner with the Dunow bunch. I think we scared him a bit.

There is Troy, Jordan, Soren and Logan at the other table. Soren got hit in the head by an out of control roll.

More rolls.

We all had to waddle out of the restaurant. It was a good to sit, visit and eat. Boy did we eat.

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